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Things You Can't Miss in the Westfjords Iceland

Westfjords Iceland

A vacation to Iceland is a dream trip, but there are a few things to know before visiting the westfjords

While we don’t suggest visiting the Westfjord attractions as days trip from Reykjavik, planning a few days to explore the winding roads and small fishing villages is something we highly recommend.

The Rauðasandur Church is a westfjord attraction worth the visit. Most churches in Iceland are colorful and adorned with extravagant trim, though a few are different.

Rauðasandur Church

Dynjandi is one of the most famous westfjords attractions. The best part of Dynjandi isn’t just the waterfall, its the full 360 degree view here.


Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Hornstrandir has no roads, permanent dwellings, or shops. This is because no one actually permanently inhabits the reserve.

Drangsnes Hot Pots

Notably one of the unique hot springs of Iceland, the Drangsnes Hot Pots sit on the shoreline of Drangsnes’ colorful fishing village.

Hellulaug Pool

Sitting on the edge of a seaside cliff, the Hellulaug Pools give one of the most stunning views.

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