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Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting Iceland

Mistakes to Avoid in Iceland

Iceland has an abundance of natural beauty which means you’ll be spoilt for choice as you try to pick and choose your itinerary.

From exploring lava tubes and walking along volcanic calderas to walking through washed-up icebergs and feeling the spray of thundering waterfalls, you’re in for a memorable trip.

Like most things in Iceland, alcohol is incredibly expensive largely due to how heavily alcohol is taxed.

Drinking/Spending Money on Liquor

 With museums, art galleries, excellent restaurants, the famous Hallgrimskirkja church, bars, clubs, and more, it’s easy to keep yourself occupied in the city.

Spending Too Much Time In Reykjavik

Trying To Do Too Much In One Trip

 You’re not trying to burn yourself out. If you’re wondering what not to do in Iceland, trying to do too much in one trip is definitely on that list.

Only Visiting Tourist Hot Spots

Limiting your trip to the tourist hot spots is a prime example of what not to do in Iceland.

Thinking You Don’t Have Enough Time

Iceland has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor adventure and wildly unique landscapes, and every time you visit you’ll find something new to discover and explore.

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