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When is the Best and Worst Time to Visit Iceland

When to Visit Iceland

Deciding on the best time to visit Iceland for your needs is one of the most important parts of planning an Iceland trip.

Iceland is amazing, but it is also a country that must be taken seriously. Winter in Iceland is beautiful, but you must plan accordingly if that is when you are planning to visit.

Summer, summer, summer! This is the high season in Iceland for the obvious reasons: weather and temperature.

High Season: June-August

Shoulder seasons are the traveling industry’s best-kept secret. Okay, so it is not super-secret, but it still is not something people talk about as much as they should.

Shoulder Season: Sept-Oct & April-May

Low Season: November-March

The low season in Iceland is during the typical winter months. For a country named after ice, Iceland’s winters are not that bad!

Best Time to See Northern Lights

It is possible to see the Northern Lights any month between the end of September and the end of March.

Cheapest Time to Visit Iceland

Unfortunately, Iceland is one of the more expensive countries to visit. We have gone over and over because we believe the experience is worth the money.

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