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Best Ice Caves in Iceland You Need to Go!

Ice Caves in Iceland

We highly recommend taking an ice cave tour to experience the magic within. Stepping inside of an ice cave almost feels like stepping into a dream.

Over years, the icy hallways shape and shift into wondrous sculptures.

From mid-November until mid-March, the caves in Iceland can be explored with the helpful use of a guide.

Best Time of Year to Visit Ice Caves

There aren’t many manmade ice caves in Iceland. In fact, currently, only one exists. This famous manmade ice cave is located a bit closer to Reykjavik in Langjokull of South West Iceland.

Manmade vs Natural Ice Caves

Best Ice Cave Tours

The best ice cave tours in Iceland exist mostly in the south end of the country.

Katla Ice Cave Jeep Tour and Glacier Walk

One of the best ice cave tours worth the money in the southeast of Iceland is the Katla ice cave tour and glacier walk from Troll Expeditions.

Skaftafell: Ice Cave Tour and Glacier Hike

The best ice cave tour in Iceland near Skaftafell is the Troll Expedition led, Skaftfell Ice Cave Tour and Glacier Hike.

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