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Best Waterfalls in Iceland

Waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland is a country full of impressive waterfalls, possibly over a thousand, due to its mountainous landscape, glaciers, and lots of rain and snow.

From the impressive Svartifoss and Skogafoss to the smaller and lesser-known Nauthusagil and Gufufoss we bring you the Iceland waterfalls that have something for everyone.

Gullfoss is unique because you view it from above and look down on the two tiers that tumble into the gorge below.

Gullfoss Waterfall

This waterfall is pretty and photogenic especially in winter with the snow and ice forming around it but be careful as the rocks near can get very slippery.

Oxarafoss Waterfall

Porufoss Waterfall

This waterfall isn’t well signposted and sits along a pretty raw landscape but you can see it from the road from where it is a two-minute walk, or just follow the roar.

Faxafoss Waterfall

Faxafoss Is about 80 meters wide with a 7-meter drop and you can get close to this waterfall without much danger.

Bruarfoss Waterfalls

This is one of the best stops around Iceland’s Ring Road. If you happen to be driving in Iceland, you will want to ensure that you make time to see it!

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