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How to Figure Out the Cost of your Iceland Trip

Figuring the Cost of Iceland Trip

The prices in Iceland are notoriously high. From food, to rental cars, to gas, many aspects of your trip will cost you a pretty penny.

The least expensive accommodation option (besides camping) will be staying at a hostel.

Before renting a car in Iceland you’ll need to choose between 4×4 or 2×2, manual or automatic, and the size of the car.

Cost Of Renting A Car

Combining your transportation and accommodation into one with a campervan has the potential to bring down your Iceland trip cost.

Price Of Campervans

Average Grocery Prices

The average grocery store prices in Iceland tend to be more expensive than other countries because as an island nation up near the Arctic Circle, the country has to import many of its products.

Average Gas Prices

When you look at gas prices in Iceland, the number refers to the price per liter. For reference, one gallon is equal to 3.78 liters.

Average Tour Prices

Everything is planned out for you and you have knowledgeable tour guides providing you with valuable information about the country and what you are seeing.

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