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How to Travel in Iceland on a Budget with these 15 Money-Saving Tips


For those of you wondering how to travel Iceland cheap, we’re here to help you limit your trip expenses. Visiting Iceland on a budget is challenging but not impossible.

Experiencing the land of fire and ice doesn’t have to empty your bank account. With our tips for traveling in Iceland on a budget, you’ll be hopping on a plane and exploring the land of fire and ice for yourself in no time.

Like many budget airlines, Play charges for extras such as baggage and seat assignments, but even with additional charges, you’ll still likely save money compared to an IcelandAir flight.

Book Your Flights On A Budget Airline

The low season is the cheapest time to visit Iceland and falls between November-March.

Plan Iceland Trip During The Offseason

A Campervan Works As Both Accommodation And Car

When traveling to Iceland you’ll need to pay for an accommodation and rental car. Why not knock out both expenses in one with a campervan?

Grocery Shop And Cook Rather Than Eat Out

Eating out at restaurants in Iceland and tasting the local cuisine can be a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the country

Skip The Alcohol Or Buy Duty-Free

If you can do without alcohol during your trip it’s one of the best ways to cut down on expenses if you’re trying to travel to Iceland on a budget.

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