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What You Need to Know Before Visiting Iceland in the Summer

Iceland in the Summer

This place is truly a sight to see: with glaciers meeting pitch black volcanic sand on beaches, and even colorful villages, there are tons to do in Iceland!

So before you begin your trip, here are some tips on what you should know before enjoying summer in Iceland.

If you have never heard of midnight sun, just know that it means more daylight! Summer in Iceland means that you will have longer hours of light to explore.

Midnight Sun

Iceland in summer is actually fairly warm! People don’t assume this, as the country’s name is literally ICEland, however, summer in Iceland has warmer temperatures.



Iceland in general has strong winds. So what happens during summer in Iceland? It gets windier!

Lupine Flowers are Everywhere

Lupine flowers are FAMOUS in Iceland. But not for the right reason. First, you can typically tell it is summer in Iceland when you see these tall, purple flowers blooming.

Swimming Pools

Visit a pool, of course! With those longer hours of daylight and warmer weather, tourists and locals adore relaxing at the pool.

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