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Restaurants You Don't Want to Miss Out On in Icelands

Restaurants in Iceland

The food is worth it, it’s fresh, authentic, and well prepared. And the fish, of course, is some of the best in the world.

Some restaurants are more reasonable and some are on more of the expensive side. Choose which one suits your needs.

The menu is extensive with many 12-13″ pizzas on offer. Expect classic pizzas spicy pizzas, meat pizzas, vegetarian pizzas and if you can’t decide have half and half.


For a fun, trendy, and quirky vibe head to Sushi Social. It serves Japanese & South American sushi & grills and the fish is as you would expect, incredible.

Sushi Social

Reykjavik Fish

If you are looking for fish and chips in Iceland then look no further this is some of the best. The cod is caught daily and is so tasty.

Dill Resturant

If you want something very special then Dill is the place for you. As the only Michelin star restaurant in Iceland we can say with confidence it is the best restaurant in Iceland.

Bryggjan Cafe

If you are want to try a great lobster soup then this is the place to come. It’s one of the best restaurants in Grindavik and a great place to come after a trip to The Blue Lagoon.

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