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The Most Beautiful  Cities and Towns in Iceland

Cities & Towns in Iceland

Looking for some of the prettiest towns in Iceland? You’ve come to the right place! Iceland is a country of great natural beauty and its towns and cities are no exception.

There are hundreds of fantastic towns in Iceland, but ten of them truly stand out for their gorgeous views, quaint charm, and amazing activities.

This is a very remote town in Iceland with a tiny population of around 300 people and it is the only village for 31 miles in any direction.

Take in the views in Vik

Húsavík can be considered one of the most exciting towns in Iceland! It’s located in northern Iceland, off the Skjálfandi bay.

Húsavík is the Whale Capital 

Seyðisfjörður is a place like no other

Surrounded by mountains, Seyðisfjörður can be reached by car only via the road over Fjarðarheiði pass.

The Aurora awaits in Akureyri

One of the biggest cities in Iceland, Akureyri has plenty of beautiful sights to see. It lies in northern Iceland, just 62 miles from the Arctic Circle.


Nicknamed “The Hot Spring Town,” Hveragerði’s claim to fame is geothermal heat, as it is built right on top of natural hot springs.

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