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The Most Beautiful  Cities and Towns in Iceland

Driving in Iceland

Driving in Iceland is absolutely doable, and not something that should hold you back when you visit.

Besides, wherever you go, there are different rules for different roads. Speed limits, tolls, and lanes change all over the place.

You can absolutely drive in Iceland! You just do not have to. Whether or not you drive in Iceland also depends on what your goals are for your Iceland trip.

Should You Drive in Iceland?

This includes renting from a rental place in Reykjavik, even though it is about 45 minutes away from Keflavik. It is the closest big city.

Where to Rent Your Car in Iceland

What Kind of Car Do You Need in Iceland

A lot of the rental companies offer both options, so an automatic car is not hard to find.

What is the Speed Limit in Iceland?

Unlike some other countries, all of Iceland’s speed limits are relatively low. This is about 56 m/h for all the USA folks.

Different Types of Roads in Iceland

F-roads tend to be more rural, H-roads are also rural but better maintained, and circling most of the country is the famous Ring Road.

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