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Tips to Plan the Most Epic Family Trip in Iceland

Tips For Planning The Ultimate Family Trip

Are you planning a vacation and wonder what it’s like to travel to Iceland with kids?

Iceland is also a place shrouded by myth, magic, and majesty that is bound to excite any young adventurer.

The crime rate is low and Iceland has topped the Global Peace Index (GPI) report ten consecutive years in a row.

Is Iceland Kid-friendly?

These places often allow for more people and most importantly will have kitchens so you can prepare your own food.

Where To Stay 

Consider Less Driving

Driving the whole of the Iceland ring road can be a lot with fractious children. Consider spending your time in only one area like the south coast and seeing everything there.

Visit Swimming Pools In Iceland

Of all the things to do in Iceland with kids, this is by far one of the easiest.

Go Whale Watching

Most whale watching tours have no age limit if they take place on traditional vessels.

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